Paypal攻略-开立 美国银行账户 -Bank of America Account for Chinese paypal users.


很多有着相关外贸或者是ebay销售经验的同学们都曾经苦恼过paypal里面挣得的外汇如何提现回国内的银行账户,或者是兑换成现金。之前有他人提出过开立美国账户的想法,今天具体说一下我的实践经验总结,供大家参考。 美国银行账户

There were many Chinese paypal users who suffered from withdrawing funds from paypal. They were advised by some others to set up an american bank account to receive the fund for free. I had a few experiences to share recently.

一,选择银行。Choice of Bank








走在美国的街上能看到不少大大小小的银行,网点比较多的有Bank of America(美国银行),Chase(摩根大通银行),Wells Fargo(富国银行),US Bank(全美银行) 在开立银行账户之前,我就已经就这四家银行提供的各种账户服务做了对比, 我需要在他们提供的各种支票和储蓄账户中选择出适合paypal撤资和在中国取款提现的。最后,我发现了美国银行(Bank of America)的ebanking账户符合所有的要求。

If you walk on the road in the us, you will be amazed at the banks you see. I saw four major banks with significant number of ATMs and Branches, namely,Bank of America, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo and US Bank. Before you open account with them, you need to know all the details of the accounts they offer. After careful investigation, I found the ebanking account of Bank of America serves all my needs to deal with paypal.


First of all, ebanking account applies no monthly fee as long as you avoid using teller’s service at the counter. Secondly, since there is a treaty signed between Bank of America and China Construction Bank so that all bank of america debit card transections made on ATM of China Construction bank within mainland China, will be considered internal transection by Bank of America, so that you can have access to your funds in your checking account on China Construction Bank ATMs and pay almost no fee.

二,赴银行网店开户 Go to set up the account at a bank branch.

在地图上搜了离家最近的美国银行网点,便是 美国银行 Santa Ana 支行。驱车前往之前,现在在线咨询获得了赴银行开户之前需要准备的资料。

I searched for the nearest branch of Bank of America. It appears its Santa Ana Branch. Before going, I talked to their online personnel to double check the documents I have to bring in order to open an account.

1, 第一种身份证件。 First ID

2,第二种身份证件。  Secondary ID

3,开户的最低存款。 Minimum opening deposit

4,有效美国地址证明文件。Valid American address.


The process of opening an account is easy, and is fully guided. But be imformed that it costs about a week for you to receive your debit card with your name. Card will be mailed to the address offered by you.

三,导入银行账户到paypal。 Add the account to your paypal.

有时候 paypal处于安全考虑会拒绝你添加美国银行账户,所以你要做的是及时跟paypal的客服沟通,让他们能够确认你的身份,并且允许你添加相关账户。

Sometimes, for security reasons, paypal will not allow you to add an US bank account, unless you call their Customer service and have your identity confirmed.


After all these, the withdraw of funds from paypal will be easy and almost no fees. Good luck.