Things you need to know about banks in China. 1 在华外国人的银行选择。

Coming to China to work, one of your major concern would be your bank account. Since I have been helping people with their banking issues in China, I think my experience with those banks would help.


There are almost 15 national level banks in China with four of the so called state-owned banks, namely Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(ICBC), the Bank of China (BOC),the China Construction Bank (CCB) and the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC). These four banks owns the grestest number of branches and services center around the country, most of the time, every county. Considering the English or multilanguage interface of facilities, like the ATMs, they are all very good. But if you need an completely functional English interface of Internet banking. ICBC and BOC are your only choices. And BOC is the best.

In old times, the BOC was once the only bank that is approved by the communist government to do foriegn businesses,at most subleve branches of BOC in big cities, English speaking bankers and clerks can be easily found.

As a non-chinese resident, you are not allowed to convert your income(if it were in RMB) to US dollars or other currencies. You may go to any bank branch in China to convert currencies if the prefered amount does not exceed 500 US dollars worth of cash.  You will have to obtain a certificate from your employer to clear that you have paid tax, and as well you have a legal job in here. But a better and easier option would be asking a chinese resident to help you convert your money. A Chinese resident is allowed by the government to convert no more than 50,000 USD worth per year.