There always is a fire of hope, hidden in the greatest despair.

I have always wanted to write something about the past year, a year of challenges, and adventures. Until this very moment, my writing is triggered by the experiences celebrate the Chinese New Year.

As is known to all Chinese, the past year is the snake year. Everything goes upside down, gets twisted, and is finally achieved by continuous efforts. I personally, has experienced burdens in work, shock in emotions and upset in mind. A fire of hope is always shinning somewhere in the greatest despair.

For the coming year, the horse year, everything is supposed to reach its  next level, just like the jumping and forwarding of a running horse. There are three basic things to be done in this year.

1, The modification and renovation of the English learning websites with organized student profile and more intelligent grading system.

2, Increase the frequency of publishing to quickly enrich the content of the front end.

3, Try to learn coding, to make sure the optimization of source code for the needs of this specific websites.


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