Analysis and recommendation on the peer to peer investment. 关于P2P 网络借贷 的分析和推荐

It has been a while since I got to know the p2p loan method, but I haven’t had the chance to try until a friend of mine told me of investing with credit card.

获悉p2p接待平台已经有一段时间,但是一直没有机会尝试。 直到最近一位朋友告知,某些网络贷款平台居然可以使用信用卡充值。

The first site I got to know is the Neo Capital. It offers a current investment with APY of 13%. 3 working days of redeem time and instant issuing  of investment interest. It is claimed by this website that all your investment and interests are secured by their risk controlling funding system, however, here I have to emphasize that all p2p investment are highly risky comparing to fixed deposits or even money market funding.

我所知的第一个这样的网贷平台就是 小牛在线  他们提供的一种活期宝产品,年化收益率可以达到13%,并且能即时计息,而赎回的时间是三个工作日。他们声称,网站的所有投资都受到他们风险垫付金的保护,但是在这里我还是想提醒,网络贷款投资相对于银行定期储蓄,哪怕是货币市场基金投资来说,都具有很高的风险。

Several days after getting used to the website, I invested from my credit card, which is a brave move, and here I am not encourage anyone to do so. A week past after my first deposit, I requested a redeem, just to test it out. And my money magically arrived on my debit card.

观察网站几天之后,我开始使用信用卡入金,这却是一个需要点勇气的事情,而我也并不鼓励其他人这样做。 在我投资一周之后,我试着申请了赎回,目的只是为了测试,而自己确实安全的返回到了我的借记卡上。

So far everything works fine on this website.



   The other website I am recommending is called jimubox . This website focus on providing a transparent environment for investors. Almost all the financial data are available to the public, and more importantly the document for the borrower.

我今天要推荐的另外一个网站叫做积木盒子。 这个网站尝试着给投资者营造一个透明的投资环境。几乎所有有作用的财务数据,都能在网站上找到,并且还能找到关于借款者的详实资料,这是十分重要的。

Because of their high level of service, their website is quickly jammed with huge amount of money from a continuous growing number of users. Their website has been beaten down serveral times because of the flood.


Interests on this website is not as good as Neo Capital, but from the overall experience, I feel they seem to be more reliable on taking care of your money in a long run.




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