Reading methods of longer materials for language acquisition.

A great number of English learners as well as teachers believe reading longer English materials helps improve not only the vocabulary but also the comprehension. For a major protion of imtermediate and a significant portion of advanced English learners, reading authentic novels still remains a hardstone for novels carry more than language itself.

My own experiences told me reading a novel for the purpose of learning English is never easy, for quite a long time, I have tried and given up, tried and given up till tired of trying. Now, I have read some novels already, and I am willing to share some of the ideas on cracking the thick bricks.


Rule 1, Start by reading materials that appeals to you the most.

Most of the time, you read because you enjoying the process of it, and your language improves accordingly. Finding a novel that attracts your attention, I believe is usually the first step of reading up the book. For me, the first book that I have ever finished in the Hunger Game series. The exciting stories simply made it hard for me to stop, I wasn’t even quite aware that I have already finished my first book.

Rule 2, Equivalent movie should help.

Grasping the main idea of a novel written in a foriegn language does not only sounds overwhelming. Try imaging reading with obstacles of new vocabulary, complex setence structures,mingled with an alien culture or even euphermism of the author. A movie should help grasping the main idea of the story, or even stimulates your interests in the story. It’s like having a crutch while you are climbing the mountain.

Rule 3, Break the book into sections.

Reading a book of more than 500 hundrends pages fully printed with alphabets seems dizzy. We Chinese are used to characters, pictogram in another word. Break the book down to sections or even pages if necessary make a vocabulary list for yourself somewhere else, and then repeat the section before going to the next one. Every time you go over with the same dizzy stuff again, you will feel you see it clearer than the previous time.

After introducing the three rules, here comes to an ultimate rule of reading long English materials, which is, believe in yourself. The day I finished my first book, I found it instantly easier to start other ones, even some more difficult ones.

Looking forward to sharing the enjoyment of reading with you.

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