Years from the City of Hengyang

It had been great experience growing up in Hengyang, a city in the southeast part of China’s Hunan provide. Having spent all my childhood and early adulthood of my life in this city, I am used to every expects of the city. Its food, especially the unique rice noodle with ribs soup, are my favorite food. Its weather, especially the humid summer, is now only in my memory, its people, especially the energetic dialect, is still felt intimate.


The city was of great importance before 1950s. Being one of the only two railway transportation hub, Hengyang has developed into a regional economic center, and has become the first group of “trial cities” of China’s economic reform in 1970s, along with Shenzhen now has already become well known worldwide. When the cities around, like Zhuzhou, Xiangtan develop themselves in a faster speed, Hengyang has almost been forgotten. From Childhood until I left the city in 2011, it didn’t change much. But just after I left, its development accelerated.


I believe China’s high speed railway bas brought the city a new chance to cope up with the booming economy of the country. The city expanded  to almost twice of its original size, and gives me a new appearance every time I come back. The roads now are cleaner and wider, the buildings are newer and taller, and the people are putting up more fashionable clothes.

Economic development is always a double sword. The city has lost much of its charming characteristics. Now you see almost none of the city’s once thriving thatched houses, the modern construction along the river has also almost made it impossible to swim.But that’s how it works. I am looking forward to the new look of the city, wherever I live or go.


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