On the summer of 2014- Tours of China

Since I had been taken care of the students, this is my first summer vacation as a teacher. I found out, after more than a month of free time, I, liked when I was a student, am now afraid of new semester and all the hand work along with it.


I think I spent a very nice summer. I first played a role in the summer teacher training, and then I left Beijing for my hometown Hengyang, where I wrote the previous blog. I took my parents to the historical Xi’an city, despite the extreme heat we had a lot of fun. I was able to get to know a new friend, and worked out stuff for myself. Finally, I paid a visit to Hangzhou, even only for two days, it was great.

The  new semester seems to be challenging. New teaching materials will be experimented along with new curriculum and  new teachers. Problems to be solved.


Tours of China