Making a program work

Since I have taken the job as the department chair of the English subjects, in different occasions, I have realized more than one the making the program work involves a lot more than a slogan on the wall or some elaborate words to be said in the meeting.

A good English program must be a well-structured systematic course with incentive programs and parental support. Implementing a good textbook is comparatively much easier than, say, let the textbook benefit the language learners as it was originally designed to. Teachers need to understand that teaching a English program is more of a coaching job than a lecturing one. Students need to bare in mind that their language ability is to be trained and practiced rather than taught. Parents must be aware that money alone do not buy language success if they are reluctant to let their children challenge themselves with hard work. And headmasters should know that language learning is not to be determined solely by a TOEFL score.

An English program


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