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online-education    Recently,the discussion on whether the school should launch a weekend extra classes program is very hot. Headmaster of school believes longer instruction time will definitely buy higher academic result. As for me, though it may work, there is a way far more interesting, exciting and efficient,that is online education.

Online education helps students to reflect and learn more effectively. Imaging a student listens only to a teacher who needs to split his or her attention,to be moral, equally to everyone in class. There is no way for a single teacher to caster to the individual needs of each students. Classroom instructions have to focus on a bigger picture, that is leading the right direction. Individualized learning could be better achieved if an online learning system based on statistical data from previous students’ performance is introduced as a supplement of classroom instruction. Students choose what they needs to know or revise after school hours.

Online education helps teachers and schools by taking the repetitive tedious part of the job from the teachers. Repetition is evidenced to be an effective way of learning a new language. In the past, a teacher ought to constantly correct the students pronunciation, and as tiring as it is, over and over again. A online TTS based pronunciation module will save the teachers from endless “please repeat after me”, so that teachers could focus on designing and researching for better educational solutions.

Student management made easy by online education. As a teacher, I can’t stopping fight with my students about their wasting time during self-study. I used to check every student’s computer screen every 10 seconds to make sure they are not playing computer games or facebooking their friends. When online education system is adopted, a full detailed report of student activities will be shown in front of my screen, and instantly I can take actions when a student is not being responsible.

Going online, coming in the classroom.


Online educationonline-education


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