My Credit Card Collections

my credit card collections


   I have the hobbit of collecting credit card, and every time my friend or family see my cards, they always get surprised and amazed at how many credit cards I have. Let me explore the reasons that I have shared with a lot of people. 

  The first credit card I have was a “happy pig card” issued by ICBC, the largest bank in the universe, in 2007 when I was a sophomore in university. I had no idea the beautiful card I got, different from any bank cards I have bad in the past, is a credit card. I never thought about it until one day, I received a message from ICBC saying that based on my previous record, my credit limit has been updated from 0.01 RMB to 500RMB. For the first time in my life I realized that I was able to swipe cards and make purchases even though I have no balance in my account. I kind of felt a sense of responsibility, to not let the bank down by using their money, simply because I always see my mon paying her debts off due to one or two cases she had to borrow money from others because she forgot her wallet home. 

   The main reason for applying credit cards is to collect them. There are all different kind of cards divided by bank names, credit company brands, as well as levels of cards. Each card is a unique world.  I have had cards that is so elegantly designed that you actually appreciate its beauty  every time you take it out to make a payment. There are cards that are issued because of a anniversay like the one from CCB, commemorating  the foundation of PRC.  It is just to have them, to show them to your friends and family and explains to them.

   The second reason for applying and holding so many cards is that each card bears a story of me applying them. I have had a lot of problems  getting my first card after graduation. Banks do not like a neonate in career, they probably feel we do not have money to pay off our debts even if we intended to.  I had to travel to a different city to get a specific card I want, I have to argue with some of the bankers because they refused rudely to give me an application form because they think I am not their”targeted customers”. I have had a lot of experiences dealing with those “financiers”who are sometimes acting like a snob. But I enjoyed the experience. 

   The third reason for having so many cards is that those cards all became my origins of my financial knowledges. I know now what is credit limit, I know how to protect the cards, I know how to make “profit” from the card. 

    A simply habit leads me to a small but complicated worlds. If now, a  bank would like to know the opinions about their credit cards, I believe I am the right person to be asked. 


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