Reading methods of longer materials for language acquisition.

A great number of English learners as well as teachers believe reading longer English materials helps improve not only the vocabulary but also the comprehension. For a major protion of imtermediate and a significant portion of advanced English learners, reading authentic novels still remains a hardstone for novels carry more than language itself.

My own experiences told me reading a novel for the purpose of learning English is never easy, for quite a long time, I have tried and given up, tried and given up till tired of trying. Now, I have read some novels already, and I am willing to share some of the ideas on cracking the thick bricks.


Rule 1, Start by reading materials that appeals to you the most.

Most of the time, you read because you enjoying the process of it, and your language improves accordingly. Finding a novel that attracts your attention, I believe is usually the first step of reading up the book. For me, the first book that I have ever finished in the Hunger Game series. The exciting stories simply made it hard for me to stop, I wasn’t even quite aware that I have already finished my first book.

Rule 2, Equivalent movie should help.

Grasping the main idea of a novel written in a foriegn language does not only sounds overwhelming. Try imaging reading with obstacles of new vocabulary, complex setence structures,mingled with an alien culture or even euphermism of the author. A movie should help grasping the main idea of the story, or even stimulates your interests in the story. It’s like having a crutch while you are climbing the mountain.

Rule 3, Break the book into sections.

Reading a book of more than 500 hundrends pages fully printed with alphabets seems dizzy. We Chinese are used to characters, pictogram in another word. Break the book down to sections or even pages if necessary make a vocabulary list for yourself somewhere else, and then repeat the section before going to the next one. Every time you go over with the same dizzy stuff again, you will feel you see it clearer than the previous time.

After introducing the three rules, here comes to an ultimate rule of reading long English materials, which is, believe in yourself. The day I finished my first book, I found it instantly easier to start other ones, even some more difficult ones.

Looking forward to sharing the enjoyment of reading with you.

Reading methods

千万别再弄错啦! —–解析中国人对 托福考试的误区

千万别再弄错啦! —–解析中国人对托福考试的误区


















托福口语练习方法 十字检查法 Improve your TOEFL ibt speaking by yourself.

It is never easy per say to improve your speaking in order to get a higher test score quickly. But there is a way you can do to improve the overall performance to a certain extent. If you were never really practiced in this way, it should serve you very good.

The Technique I am going to mention here is very easy. Draw a Cross and divide a piece of paper to four blank sections. Now write Grammar, Pronunciation, Organization and Vocabulary in each section, and save it for later use.

Find yourself a software, one like audacity as I have mentioned here before to record your response. Play your response again and again to check for mistakes and categorize them into the paper divided to four sections previously.

Make sure you do the same oral task again and again until you avoid all the mistakes listed on the paper.

This may seem painstaking, but it really improves your oral response to a full extent of what you can achieve during a very limited period of time.


TOEFL ibt Reading skills 2- Reference Questions 托福阅读技巧2 – 指代问题

Reference Questions have always been the headaches of some Chinese TOEFL ibt exam takers,partly because the Chinese language doesn’t put them that way when it comes to make a reference. As a clear understanding of references is vital in comprehending a passage,it surely will be heavily tested in the TOEFL ibt test which targeted a measurement of ability for successful academic study.



To improve reading, of course one needs to read a certain amount of stuff, but for taking the tests, there are some techniques, or tricks, I would like to put it that way because I don’t want students to take it for granted that tricks are better than wit when it comes to improve language skills.


First, lets take a look at an example,


32. The word “they” in line 4 refers to

(A) seasonal changes

(B) natural forces

(C) theories

(D) human beings


And the sentence in the passage is like this:

The argument for this view goes as follows. In the beginning, human beings viewed the natural forces of the world, even the seasonal changes, as unpredictable, and they sought through various means, to control these unknown and feared powers.

The traditional way of cracking this might be paying attention cracking on the grammatical structure of the sentence to identify the reference, but surely,a simpler way is to put the potential candidates from the questions in to the sentence to test.   In the sentence “they” act like the subject of the sentence with the verb of “sought through”, a verb clearly indicate the subject to be humane. Then the answer is much easier to be spotted.

按照传统的做题方法,我们需要很好的分析这句话的语法结构,从中间找到指代关系。但是另外一种更加快捷的做题方法就是把各个选项中的词汇带入句子当中进行测试。代词后面的谓语动词是sought through, 很显然,这个动词的主语一定要是人,到这里,答案就显而易见。

In English, when pronouns are asked to be identified, a simpler way to do this is to look at the verb, to think whether the reference of pronouns would work for the verb as subject or object.


Here are some more Questions for you to practice with this technique.


Last but not least, read more is always the ultimate way of improving reading, regardless of any tricks or techniques that helped you in any tests.


4. The word “They” in line 5 refers to

(A) houses

(B) bluffs

(C) walls

(D) families

Sentence: At least a dozen large stone houses took shape below the bluffs of Chiaco Canyon in northwest New Mexico. They were built with masonry walls more than a meter thick and adjoining apartments to accommodate dozens, even hundreds, of families.


15. The word “them” in line 17 refers to

(A) years

(B) hands

(C) pieces

(D) films


The suggestions became more explicit, and so emerged the musical cue sheet containing indications of mood, the titles of suitable pieces of music, and precise directions to show where one piece led into the next.

Certain films had music especially composed for them. The most famous of these early special scores was that composed and arranged for D. W. Griffith’s film Birth of a Nation, which was released in 1915.


24. The word “which” in line 7 refers to

(A) crusts

(B) kilometers

(C) plates

(D) continents

Sentence:The crusts and the top, solid part of the mantle, totaling about 70 to 100 kilometers in thickness, at present appear to consist of about 15 rigid plates, 7 of which are very large.




TOEFL ibt Reading Skill

Analysis and recommendation on the peer to peer investment. 关于P2P 网络借贷 的分析和推荐

It has been a while since I got to know the p2p loan method, but I haven’t had the chance to try until a friend of mine told me of investing with credit card.

获悉p2p接待平台已经有一段时间,但是一直没有机会尝试。 直到最近一位朋友告知,某些网络贷款平台居然可以使用信用卡充值。

The first site I got to know is the Neo Capital. It offers a current investment with APY of 13%. 3 working days of redeem time and instant issuing  of investment interest. It is claimed by this website that all your investment and interests are secured by their risk controlling funding system, however, here I have to emphasize that all p2p investment are highly risky comparing to fixed deposits or even money market funding.

我所知的第一个这样的网贷平台就是 小牛在线  他们提供的一种活期宝产品,年化收益率可以达到13%,并且能即时计息,而赎回的时间是三个工作日。他们声称,网站的所有投资都受到他们风险垫付金的保护,但是在这里我还是想提醒,网络贷款投资相对于银行定期储蓄,哪怕是货币市场基金投资来说,都具有很高的风险。

Several days after getting used to the website, I invested from my credit card, which is a brave move, and here I am not encourage anyone to do so. A week past after my first deposit, I requested a redeem, just to test it out. And my money magically arrived on my debit card.

观察网站几天之后,我开始使用信用卡入金,这却是一个需要点勇气的事情,而我也并不鼓励其他人这样做。 在我投资一周之后,我试着申请了赎回,目的只是为了测试,而自己确实安全的返回到了我的借记卡上。

So far everything works fine on this website.



   The other website I am recommending is called jimubox . This website focus on providing a transparent environment for investors. Almost all the financial data are available to the public, and more importantly the document for the borrower.

我今天要推荐的另外一个网站叫做积木盒子。 这个网站尝试着给投资者营造一个透明的投资环境。几乎所有有作用的财务数据,都能在网站上找到,并且还能找到关于借款者的详实资料,这是十分重要的。

Because of their high level of service, their website is quickly jammed with huge amount of money from a continuous growing number of users. Their website has been beaten down serveral times because of the flood.


Interests on this website is not as good as Neo Capital, but from the overall experience, I feel they seem to be more reliable on taking care of your money in a long run.



There always is a fire of hope, hidden in the greatest despair.

I have always wanted to write something about the past year, a year of challenges, and adventures. Until this very moment, my writing is triggered by the experiences celebrate the Chinese New Year.

As is known to all Chinese, the past year is the snake year. Everything goes upside down, gets twisted, and is finally achieved by continuous efforts. I personally, has experienced burdens in work, shock in emotions and upset in mind. A fire of hope is always shinning somewhere in the greatest despair.

For the coming year, the horse year, everything is supposed to reach its  next level, just like the jumping and forwarding of a running horse. There are three basic things to be done in this year.

1, The modification and renovation of the English learning websites with organized student profile and more intelligent grading system.

2, Increase the frequency of publishing to quickly enrich the content of the front end.

3, Try to learn coding, to make sure the optimization of source code for the needs of this specific websites.

心灵医学 1 – Soul Medication Series 1



From childhood, words like teachers are gardeners of growing flowers or teachers are candles swiped off darkness while burning themselves, have been taught to me,on which now, I am not quite agree. My teaching experiences has lead me to believe that teaching, can be compared to another important profession –medication


People eats all kinds of food, good or bad, so eventually, people end up showing in hospitals treating all kinds off illnesses. A doctor, based on his medical knowledge and with the help of all the biochemical tests, radioactive tests diagnosis for an illness, and then work out for an over all reasonable treatment for the patient after all. As a teacher, we are facing students with learning disabilities, and those “very good” students. So we use various methods like monthly tests, interviews, to diagnose of a study problem.  Inspired by all the medical books I have read, I begin to feel interested in seeking treatment for all the hard illnesses of students. Record the effects and prognosis.

常见病症1: 课堂恐惧症。典型症状:上课铃声响起,出现急性呼吸困难,气短胸闷。病症较轻者脸色苍白,端坐不语。病症较重者可以继发寒颤,病人用棉衣尽可能包裹住身体的所有部分,蜷缩。病因尚不明确,或与多年期某学科成绩不佳有关。



Illness 1, classphobia. Symptoms : Class bell ringing triggers difficulty breathing,pale faces and speechless. Severe ones can suffer from excessive chillness, showing the intention of covering the body up with a coat,Huddled in a corner。

If the illness develops slowly and independent of other illnesses, then a good prognosis is expected. or prognosis can be very poor.

Things you need to know about banks in China. 1 在华外国人的银行选择。

Coming to China to work, one of your major concern would be your bank account. Since I have been helping people with their banking issues in China, I think my experience with those banks would help.


There are almost 15 national level banks in China with four of the so called state-owned banks, namely Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(ICBC), the Bank of China (BOC),the China Construction Bank (CCB) and the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC). These four banks owns the grestest number of branches and services center around the country, most of the time, every county. Considering the English or multilanguage interface of facilities, like the ATMs, they are all very good. But if you need an completely functional English interface of Internet banking. ICBC and BOC are your only choices. And BOC is the best.

In old times, the BOC was once the only bank that is approved by the communist government to do foriegn businesses,at most subleve branches of BOC in big cities, English speaking bankers and clerks can be easily found.

As a non-chinese resident, you are not allowed to convert your income(if it were in RMB) to US dollars or other currencies. You may go to any bank branch in China to convert currencies if the prefered amount does not exceed 500 US dollars worth of cash.  You will have to obtain a certificate from your employer to clear that you have paid tax, and as well you have a legal job in here. But a better and easier option would be asking a chinese resident to help you convert your money. A Chinese resident is allowed by the government to convert no more than 50,000 USD worth per year.

托福听力 技巧-Teaching strategy of TOEFL Conversation


It has been almost a month since the last post. My job has been keeping me up for it is the second year of the international high school when students are eager to obtain their preferrable TOEFL scores. Some of the students begin to worry about the exam, from my perspective, that’s beneficial. For one thing, it helps to be a bit nervrous to keep onself concentrated, secondly, the anxiety would spread and if properly diverted by the teacher, it can be taken advantage of.


I haven’t been able to find time for teaching research tasks, like I put before,I have been a down to the earth teacher for quite a priod of time, but still I would very much to share my observations of tutoring TOEFL so as to keep myself updated with everybody else.


During this much, I worked on tutoring the Conversation part of TOEFL listening, especially on the following two topics, namely course registration and course cancellation. I found flow chart is useful in preparing a student from a topic about which they have no ideas.

课程注册流程图: FLow chart for Course Registration


课程取消流程图: Flow chart for Course cancellation



   By analyzing the flow chart, the student get well prepared for the listening, as a result, the decoding and responding of students have been shortened. But the detailed report of that relies on future statistic analysis.


As a whole there are three advantages of using flow chart in tutoring the conversation part.


Firstly, Flow Chart helps to organize the new vocabularies in a semantic content, or the new words would become seperated in different word lists and create a headache for the students to remember.


Secondly, Flow chart makes it easier to guide the student’s comprehension. Imagin a four minutes length listening comprehension being played three times in a period of class, half of the class time could have passed, with little comprehension achieved from students.


Thirdly, Flow chart can be developed into tools and activities to facilitate classroom teaching. For example, the next time, teacher may want to check on the student on the content. It is easy for the teacher to ask the student to recall the English content base on the flow chart. And students can be enticed to listen to the comprehension for many times if the process is made into a game in which the student should play the PPT in accordance with the flow of conversation.


Would like to hear more on Flow chart of lectures? Wait for the next post.



托福阅读 技巧小结1 – TOEFL ibt Reading Strategy 1

托福阅读 考试当中,是否需要在做题之前通读文章,是困扰很多考生的问题,今天就这个问题进行一些探讨。
During the TOEFL iBt reading test, whether it is necessary to read the whole passage before answering questions has been puzzling many test takers. We are going to discuss a bit on this today.

Let’s make sure the following points

1, TOEFL online reading test takes 60 mins,and 20 mins for each passage.

2, It is usually not difficult for test takers to locate the right paragraph for a specific question.

Whether we should read ahead or not, I have done the following research.

I found six students, with 3 levels of TOEFL grades namely around 100, between 70 – 80, and below 70. They are categorized into two groups leaving each group one student from each level above.
Group A Read the whole passage first before answering questions and group B the opposite. They are given 20 mins to complete the test

阅读测试语篇为TPO-10 第一篇 Chinese Pottery。
I used Chinese Pottery from TPO-10

Results are as follows:

A组 GroupA
A组考生 正确题数量 正确率
100分段 13 0.928571429
70-80分段 8 0.571428571
70分以下段 3 0.214285714
B组 GroupB
B组考生 正确题数量 正确率
100分段 10 0.714285714
70-80分段 9 0.642857143
70分以下段 3 0.214285714

From the approximate analysis, it seems that reading the passage before answering the question is a better choice for the high levels,however, it doesn’t make much difference for the medium or lower level students. More detailed analysis based on specific type of questions will be brought to you next time.