Paypal攻略-开立 美国银行账户 -Bank of America Account for Chinese paypal users.


很多有着相关外贸或者是ebay销售经验的同学们都曾经苦恼过paypal里面挣得的外汇如何提现回国内的银行账户,或者是兑换成现金。之前有他人提出过开立美国账户的想法,今天具体说一下我的实践经验总结,供大家参考。 美国银行账户

There were many Chinese paypal users who suffered from withdrawing funds from paypal. They were advised by some others to set up an american bank account to receive the fund for free. I had a few experiences to share recently.

一,选择银行。Choice of Bank








走在美国的街上能看到不少大大小小的银行,网点比较多的有Bank of America(美国银行),Chase(摩根大通银行),Wells Fargo(富国银行),US Bank(全美银行) 在开立银行账户之前,我就已经就这四家银行提供的各种账户服务做了对比, 我需要在他们提供的各种支票和储蓄账户中选择出适合paypal撤资和在中国取款提现的。最后,我发现了美国银行(Bank of America)的ebanking账户符合所有的要求。

If you walk on the road in the us, you will be amazed at the banks you see. I saw four major banks with significant number of ATMs and Branches, namely,Bank of America, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo and US Bank. Before you open account with them, you need to know all the details of the accounts they offer. After careful investigation, I found the ebanking account of Bank of America serves all my needs to deal with paypal.


First of all, ebanking account applies no monthly fee as long as you avoid using teller’s service at the counter. Secondly, since there is a treaty signed between Bank of America and China Construction Bank so that all bank of america debit card transections made on ATM of China Construction bank within mainland China, will be considered internal transection by Bank of America, so that you can have access to your funds in your checking account on China Construction Bank ATMs and pay almost no fee.

二,赴银行网店开户 Go to set up the account at a bank branch.

在地图上搜了离家最近的美国银行网点,便是 美国银行 Santa Ana 支行。驱车前往之前,现在在线咨询获得了赴银行开户之前需要准备的资料。

I searched for the nearest branch of Bank of America. It appears its Santa Ana Branch. Before going, I talked to their online personnel to double check the documents I have to bring in order to open an account.

1, 第一种身份证件。 First ID

2,第二种身份证件。  Secondary ID

3,开户的最低存款。 Minimum opening deposit

4,有效美国地址证明文件。Valid American address.


The process of opening an account is easy, and is fully guided. But be imformed that it costs about a week for you to receive your debit card with your name. Card will be mailed to the address offered by you.

三,导入银行账户到paypal。 Add the account to your paypal.

有时候 paypal处于安全考虑会拒绝你添加美国银行账户,所以你要做的是及时跟paypal的客服沟通,让他们能够确认你的身份,并且允许你添加相关账户。

Sometimes, for security reasons, paypal will not allow you to add an US bank account, unless you call their Customer service and have your identity confirmed.


After all these, the withdraw of funds from paypal will be easy and almost no fees. Good luck.

美国游学 就医须知-Visiting a doctor during your study tour in US.

很多同学抱着非常欢乐的心情来到美国参加各种 游学 活动。而带队老师们面临的最大问题就是如何保证学生在美国逗留期间的人身安全。当然大家都不愿意看到学生遭遇意外或者受伤,但是我们却需要了解一些这方面的知识,万一遇到紧急情况,会知道如何进行处置。

Many students come to the US study tour with great delight. But what teachers are worrying is the safty during the stay in the US. Although no one likes to see an accident, we do have to know the precedures of visiting the hospital in the US,just in case.

参加任何美国 游学 项目请一定在出行前确定好是否有购买好游学期间的医疗保险。由于美国医疗体制的问题,医药费用异常高昂,如果没有医疗保险,若面临上万美元的医疗账单,将会非常被动。

Before you leave your home country, make sure you have got a medical insurance for your staying in the US. Due to the medical system in the US, Medical service could be extemely high priced. Given that you have no medical insurance, you will have great difficulties paying off the medical bills of thousands of dollars.



In the US, similarly, there are out patient department and the ER. If you are visiting the hospital out of the working hours, the ER seems to be the only choice.


Out-patient department is very similar to what it is in China. But not the ER. In any emergency, you are free to call for an ambulance, and then be sent to the ER. Laws in the US states that No doctor in the ER shall consider the financial ability of the patient. And the ER must not refuse treatment due to reasons like a patient’s legal statues, or religion. That is to say, everyone will be carefully treated to the best extent in the ER. And, after the treatment, you are free to go without even paying any money.



However, several weeks after the treatment, a bill will be sent to your mailing address,please be sure to provide your medical insurance information at the registration,and as well keep your receipts for furture reimbursement with the insurance company.

美国homestay住宿家庭居住法则-Few things to bear in mind with American Homestay.

一,礼貌 Be polite



Many Chinese student come to the US with great delight, they are also excited about homestaying,however, due to the difference of cultures and customs,sometimes, Chinese students failed to “be polite” in the target culture,which further leads to discomfortness. One important rule about polite is that a student should always greet your homestay family members. For the things you don’t understand, it’s ok to ask honestly.One other rule is, repect the religious belief and privacy of the homestay family, never ever make any judgements about these sensitive issues.


二,不要带大量现金 Don’t bring large amounts of cash with you


来游学的孩子基本都没有成年,自己无法申请信用卡,而又不能刷父母的信用卡。所以很多同学因为需要购物而带大量现金来到美国学习。这是不可取的。第一,来的目的以学习为主,购物并不是主要目的。第二,对于美国的治安,我无法妄加评论,但是如果你带有大量现金,势必会引起不法分子的注意而给自己带来不必要的麻烦。第三,若有需要花钱,可以出国前由父母办理信用卡的附属卡,或者直接自己去银行办理银联借记卡。银联网络逐渐广泛,基本能刷卡的地方都已经接受了银联卡。若需要VISA和Masterdcard 借记卡,可以在北京银行,华夏银行,工商银行申请办理。

Students coming to the US are mostly under the age of 18,so that they are not eligible for applying credicards, nor can they swipe their parents’ credit cards, so that cash seems to be the only option.However, this is not recommended. Firstly, bear in mind the purpose of coming is to study, not shopping. Secondly, it is hard to estimate or comment about safty in the US, but if you have a lot of cash on you, you will be targeted by criminals leading to serious consequences. Thirdly, if you would like to have money with you, try ask your parents to sign up a creditcard under their credit account before your departure. Or you can also sign up for a UnionPay credit card. Unionpay is becoming more and more popular almost everywhere. In case you really need a VISA or MASTERCARD, try apply those cards in Bank of Beijing, Huaxia Bank and ICBC.

三,有问题,及时沟通。 Always Communicate.



I have seen students complaining about food, temprature staff a lot. Some of them even say they have been tortured by not eating meat at all.Those problems occurs when it lacks communications between you and the host family. Host families, typically American families, have no idea about the Chinese culture at all. If you have a problem, please communicate, and they will get it fixed. Like if you are hungery, then say you are hungery, if you are cold, tell them to bring you a blanket … Good communication makes your homestay experience much better.

国际高中 的英语课堂到底应该干什么?


从培训机构加入北京的一所 国际高中 担任英语教学任务,已经快有一年的时间了。从风风火火伶牙俐齿地教授考试技巧,答题思路,甚至是考试中合理“套分”诡计的一名实用性超强的老师,转换成了唯唯诺诺每天必须带着学生扣单词听听力,对练口语,组织课堂活动的一名课堂引导者,这个过程当中其实不断地充斥着英语教师教学思路的反复冲击,教师角色的反复移位,和对语言教学的更深层次思考。到现在,我可以尝试的来回答一下,国际高中的英语课堂到底应该干什么这样一个复杂的问题。












如果拨开,培训,考试,国际高中,英语课这种一层一层的标签和外衣,最后还要再探讨一下语言学习的几点理论和方法这个本质的问题,在 The Study of Language这本书和其他一些语言学的书籍当中,我们可以清楚地了解到目前常用的第二语言教学方法,总结起来无外乎,传统法(语法翻译),短句法(重复训练)和交际法(语言沉浸)。不管谁教,在哪教,怎么教,教什么,都只是为了更好的实践这三种方法中的一种或则几种而已。



   “Some people think that the automobile has improved modern life.  Others think that the automobile has caused serious problems.  What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.”
  ” It is very simple that from City A to City B, you need to spend 3 hours walking if you can not go by the car but on foot.”
    第二,这还是一处举例论证,可惜举的例子不能让人信服,City A,City B这样的例子一看就是随口乱造不曾真正思考,试问如此假的例子又如何来作为论据说明论点呢?在写作的过程当中即使多数情况,例子并不是来自于真实的某个特定事件,也应该来自于对生活的总结。咱们不妨把例子改成,每天从家到学校,或者是从单位回家,又或是周末时从家去公园这样的例子来加以提到,让人感到这样的例子是真实的,而不是被人以论述为目的生拼硬凑的。
   From home to school, a normal distance usually covered in half an hour by car, will cost you 4 hours of tiring walking.