Really want to send your kids abroad for secondary education?

My prior knowledge from the school handbook has ameliorated my surprise at the school’s teeming offerings, so that I could probe into the student development in those electives. Hypothetical reasoning indicates the formal operational stage of that age group in their cognitive development. The ability to work on bars to create artifacts is a clear sign of that stage. For social development, students have inured their trust and autonomy in those workshops, for any gauche behaviors will jeopardize safety. In addition, volunteering in painting cars for community members manifested their moral development.

I had to temporize, skipping the math class because of what I observed in the EAL class. The substitute teacher of the day has been constantly reminding the students of her temporary status by saying words like “your teacher wanted you to write a manuscript” and “your teacher will give you some feedbacks later”. Just as discussed in class, estranging the learners impacted motivations, as some students indulged in cellphones while some others became peripatetic.

Since some scaffolding observed resembled my previous observations, I would like, instead, to focus on planning instruction and facilitating complex thinking. Due to the students’ international status, it is assumed that the provincial curriculum framework and guide do not apply, thus the teacher had to formulate their own learning objectives. From the cognitive approach, from general to specific, it is hard to envisage the long-term goal, of Grade 11 students, to write transcripts on “ordering food in the cafeteria” or “two friends getting angry at each”, especially when verbal exchanges with some students disclosed an inconsequential semester project of “introducing Victoria to your friends” for which students do not have much prior knowledge to rely on. Also, the behavior goals of this semester objective are difficult to inspect, for they are not condition-specific and describable in terms of minimum level of acceptable performance.

G12,还在讲 How are you.课程设置及老师的教学看不出任何有想帮助这些学生的努力!G12,还在讲 How are you.课程设置及老师的教学看不出任何有想帮助这些学生的努力!

In the class activity, students were provided handouts containing words and phrases useful for the writing the conversational transcripts. However, one pair of students, a Chinese and a Kazakhstani, could communicate in English to compose a 10-year story and performed it before class, meanwhile, a Japanese and a Pilipino were having only four jejune lines after more than 40 minutes. Those are clear signs that students were not seen as sources of instructional goals. Later, the teacher did not try to bridge the curriculum goal with the student’s prior knowledge, as there is no modeling as presentation or demonstration. There were also no constructive, stratified feedbacks, or tackling on the emergent curriculums, since after each pair performance of the transcripts, merely mellifluous comments like “good job” and “excellent” were almost automatically given. Bloom’s taxonomy will see this activity at the level of application, but there is clear ample space to push forward, as Vygotsky would say, to create a zone of proximal development to make things reachable for students

It is just lacerating to see the juxtaposition of a halfhearted, feckless program and shopping trips advertisements, enervating international students’ development.

My Childhood Story, My Aunt Took Me to A Fair.


Sitting in my dormitory, smelling the scents of fishiness brought by the wind from the ocean, I am now writing this passage. I have no idea where to start or where to end, but I just feel if I had not written down what is still fresh in my memory, I may never again be able to feel it again. The wonderful memories I have had, the amazing people I have met, the interesting things I have experienced, and the unforgettable love, I have been given, since my childhood.


Born on 19th May, 1987, from a typical family of workers in Hengyang, a small city in southern part of China (some 600 KMs north of Hong Kang). I was raised pretty much like any other single children in their families. Despite the fact that the time I was born that richness is rare, I have been given the best to the capabilities of my family. As my other always say, I was treated way better than my cousins since they never got a chance to attend kindergarten or child care. And my father, a person of story, came to my memory, when I was lying on bed with my mother, daring at his exhaustion, hand washing my diapers, which back then are made of cotton, and are expected to be washed by father’s hands in the culture.

As I have read from the papers for my class, education is about experience. I feel lucky that I am a person, since little, who is willing to perceive and process my experiences. I would begin with the awful one, since the experience probably reshaped my understanding of a person for the first time in my life.


My Aunts took me to a fair.

Back then, once or twice in a month, a fair will be held, occupying one of the busiest street of the city. For a city this size, it is probably the only chance when people can really find some clothes, shoes, or hand soaps from outside of the city, and what’s more, usually a much better prize comparing to all the other state-owned shops and department stores.  My Aunt, named De’E, the youngest of my mother’s siblings has always been very interested in taking me out. I guess maybe through that experience; she was practicing her motherhood. I was very excited, each time I saw her, as a boy of five, I liked to see her simply because I know that I will be going out again. I like to see around; this curiosity never dies. So, I was going to a fair with my Aunt, she was probably told by her sister and her father for many times, that she needs to grab my hands all the time to make sure I was not lost in the crowds, so she did most of her parenting alertly. Except once.

I was with her at the big crowd trying to bargain their price off with the sellers in the fair. I was not tall enough to see what was sold in the fair, but it must be girls product. I heard, my aunt bargaining vigorously, but the next thing I realized, which almost scared me off is that she had let my hands go. Again, I was tall enough only to see people’s belly, I tried my best to trace her from the dazzling volumes of different bargaining. As her voice was getting more and more difficult to be distinguished from those other unfamiliar voices, the fear in my heart started to grow.

It was suffocating being pushed and then realized all the time in the crowd, I tried to move out of the crowd. I looked around, I didn’t see my Aunt, or anyone familiar. The feeling of fighting back my unbearable fear is still fresh. All my parents’ warnings about being abducted and sold to a poor family in the countryside to become son of the parents who are unable to have children, especially the fact that those parents are usually care less about hygiene, really kills me. I looked around for my aunt one last time before I could hold back my fears. I have given up fighting back those fears.

I forgot all what I was told by my parents and other adults about what to do in this situation. I felt I have to run, to find my aunt again. I felt that I need to be away from the fair where my nightmare begins. I could hear my heart pumping fast enough to cause choking and suffocating. But I kept running, so that I can see something or somebody familiar that could lead my way back to my parents. My tears turn into out loud crying along my way.

Maybe, it looks strange to see a child of five or six, running and crying on the streets without parents or guardian, but I probably ran for quite a while, until my throat are tired of making those sounds and had to rest for a second or two between each cries. I can’t remember I saw anybody on the roads full of people, it now felt like I have been running along the roads all by myself, until I was approached by a stranger.

She was a lady probably in her fifties and she was speaking a dialect I have never heard of. By the way, at that time I was speaking the dialect of my hometown which I learned later as very unique comparing to the official spoken Chinese. Her strange dialect, gives me a feeling of danger. Apart from the unfamiliarity, I felt she must be from those places where people care less about their hygiene and would wanted to buy a boy. I was scared even more, and cried even harder, I was trying my best to get other people’s attention. I would like others to know that I have no connection with the lady and she should let me go. I searched around the streets again, try to dig hard in my memory to detect any thing of the slightest familiarity. By the time I was almost giving up and letting the lady grab my hands, I saw a face, and I knew I see the face often, from one of my mother’s Majiang Friends..

There, she seated on the place she was supposed to be, as a sales person of a state-owned store, where you don’t care much about how many things you sell. She was gazing at the streets where I was crying, with her thick pair of glasses, motionless and emotionless. I don’t think she recognized me until I was too close to be perceived as someone irrelevant and not needed attention. She comforted me and told the lady following me that she is a friend of my mothers’ and will bring me home.

I was provided with water before she hired a tricycle, which was then typically for carrying cargos, to take me home. She provided the address to the rider, soon, I began my happiest journey in my life going back to my parents ago. My parent’s apartment located in a small street, besides which lies a statue of an eagle up on the stones. By the time I saw that statue I realized it and I cannot hold back my joys. There, the opposite direction, on a familiar bike, I saw my mother and her worrying face, and then the shock on her face when she saw I was brought home.

Later, I learned that almost everyone in the big family, my parents, all my mother’s five siblings and their reachable friends who know what I look like, my father and his sister, the only next of keen he has in the city, my father’s colleagues from his work place, who have been given a special permission by their leaders to laid off work temporarily for this emergency, my grandparents and their friends and neighbors, all these people are riding their bikes, patrolling each and every streets of the city which back then holds about 700 thousand people, with their eyes opening wide, care more of not to miss a boy like me than their own safety riding their bikes, trying to find me. I am now so grateful for all the efforts trying to bring me home, and the unconditional kindness in each of them.

After this incidence, my relationship with my Aunt changed completely. I was naturally scared of going out with her for quite a long time, maybe all of my childhood. In retrospect, I know I was jeopardized back then, had my mother not bringing me to her gambling (which is now recommended by the educators), I would have lost the last chance to recognize the familiar at the last moment. Had the lady who wished to take me away by any chance speak more like a local, I would have gone with her. Then it is going to be difficult to imagine what a life I was going to have. It could be that I won’t be able to speak English at all, and have this story share.  0

New Years Resolution for 2015

2014 has passed.

I welcomed the year 2014 in Singapore, which marked the beginning of this wonderful year. I have always felt  love and care from people in my life, making this year unforgettable.

Here I would like to make my 2015 new year’s resolution.

1, Be more considerate, help more of others.

2, Be a reliable friend for people in my life.

3, Update this website at least once a month and hopefully not the last day of the month like this.

May you have a happy new year.

My Credit Card Collections

my credit card collections


   I have the hobbit of collecting credit card, and every time my friend or family see my cards, they always get surprised and amazed at how many credit cards I have. Let me explore the reasons that I have shared with a lot of people. 

  The first credit card I have was a “happy pig card” issued by ICBC, the largest bank in the universe, in 2007 when I was a sophomore in university. I had no idea the beautiful card I got, different from any bank cards I have bad in the past, is a credit card. I never thought about it until one day, I received a message from ICBC saying that based on my previous record, my credit limit has been updated from 0.01 RMB to 500RMB. For the first time in my life I realized that I was able to swipe cards and make purchases even though I have no balance in my account. I kind of felt a sense of responsibility, to not let the bank down by using their money, simply because I always see my mon paying her debts off due to one or two cases she had to borrow money from others because she forgot her wallet home. 

   The main reason for applying credit cards is to collect them. There are all different kind of cards divided by bank names, credit company brands, as well as levels of cards. Each card is a unique world.  I have had cards that is so elegantly designed that you actually appreciate its beauty  every time you take it out to make a payment. There are cards that are issued because of a anniversay like the one from CCB, commemorating  the foundation of PRC.  It is just to have them, to show them to your friends and family and explains to them.

   The second reason for applying and holding so many cards is that each card bears a story of me applying them. I have had a lot of problems  getting my first card after graduation. Banks do not like a neonate in career, they probably feel we do not have money to pay off our debts even if we intended to.  I had to travel to a different city to get a specific card I want, I have to argue with some of the bankers because they refused rudely to give me an application form because they think I am not their”targeted customers”. I have had a lot of experiences dealing with those “financiers”who are sometimes acting like a snob. But I enjoyed the experience. 

   The third reason for having so many cards is that those cards all became my origins of my financial knowledges. I know now what is credit limit, I know how to protect the cards, I know how to make “profit” from the card. 

    A simply habit leads me to a small but complicated worlds. If now, a  bank would like to know the opinions about their credit cards, I believe I am the right person to be asked. 

How to transfer money to Your US Bank Account From China.

transfer money to Your US Bank Account From China  ?

From foreigners working in China, you may want to sometimes send your earnings here back to your bank account in the US in order to pay off your bills there. Of course you can always go to almost any branch of any bank in China to wire your money back to your account, however the fee is a lot. Banks in China charges a fee for international money transfer, and your bank in the US typically charge you again for receiving a wire usually about 16-20 USD. To avoid the fee and as well to move your money more efficiently, I figured out a solution myself. That is, bank draft + mobile check deposit.

First, you need to by a bank draft from a bank in China. A bank draft is a check written by the bank and pay to your appointed receipient. This method is very commonly used for international transections. In
this case, you pay the bank to write you a check under the bank’s name. For example, for China construction bank, the fee for buying a bank draft is 0.1% of the amount. IMG_1055IMG_1057

Second, enable your mobile banking with your US bank account and download the apps from the appstores respectively. Write done “For Deposit Only” at the bank of the bank draft you have just brought in the first step. Open the bank app and deposit the bank draft in the check deposit section. IMG_1056

Third, wait for the bank to process the request. Usually it will take one business day for your deposted amount to be availabe in your US bank account.

In this way, you saved the incoming wire receiving fee, and a lot of other fees charged by the Chinese banks.

One more thing, currently, foriegners are not allowed to buy USD with RMB exceeds the limit of 500 USD. If you have legal income in China, you need to go to the HR to have them write you a letter indicating your income and tax payment,before you can actually buy USD with your RMB earned in China.

托福口语练习方法 十字检查法 Improve your TOEFL ibt speaking by yourself.

It is never easy per say to improve your speaking in order to get a higher test score quickly. But there is a way you can do to improve the overall performance to a certain extent. If you were never really practiced in this way, it should serve you very good.

The Technique I am going to mention here is very easy. Draw a Cross and divide a piece of paper to four blank sections. Now write Grammar, Pronunciation, Organization and Vocabulary in each section, and save it for later use.

Find yourself a software, one like audacity as I have mentioned here before to record your response. Play your response again and again to check for mistakes and categorize them into the paper divided to four sections previously.

Make sure you do the same oral task again and again until you avoid all the mistakes listed on the paper.

This may seem painstaking, but it really improves your oral response to a full extent of what you can achieve during a very limited period of time.


月考总结表扬 News about the Exam


Last Week, you all took part in the monthly tests, the following students have done fairly well or have made great progresss in the study of TOEFL. Hereby,list their names in front of all for compliment and encouragement, and may them enjoy further more the happiness of improving English.


Outstanding Students are(listed by classes, ranked by School ID):


Class1 Grade 10: Xing Yu, Liu Anqi, Zheng Yilin


Class 2 Grade 10: Jiang Hui, Meng Sen, Luan Zhezhe


Class 3 Grade 10: Liu Xuanming


Class 4 Grade 10: Chen Jingwan, Li Jiameng, Liao Xiaozhou, Li Tianrong


Class 5 Grade 10: Bai, Zelong, Shao Jiaqi, Zhang Qianwei


Students who made great progress:


Liu,Anqi, Chai Siyuan, Xing Yu, Yang Yiling, Luo Chen, Zhong Yimin, He Shiyu, Liu Yiwan, Wei Zehao, Zhang Zisheng, Bai Chen, Li Changhong, Chen Xu.


Congratulations !