From Cpanel to Virtualmin is Painless,Now embracing the freedom.


Would like to move and host your website on a cheaper VPS? There is always something troubles newbies like me—the webhosting control panel.

I have been using cpanel since my first hosting experience on a sharedhosting server, I have to say it is really Good, I loved it, and also, indulged by it also. From that experience I think Cpanel is the only choice,and what’s more by that time I have no idea how much it actually cost on a VPS.

My website grows,and I have to move to a VPS, it was at that time I learned how much more I have to pay to have Cpanel working on my VPS,but I have no choice.

Then just this week I saw something called virtualmin, I tried in on one of my testing vps, and I really really, hated it all. It is just very different from Cpanel, I feel very uncomfortable using some weird stuff like that. The UI looks messy,and the organization is difficult to understand,a lot of configration needs to be accomplished in the command line.

But, I am gradually getting use to it and when the old cpanel habbit is gone, I feel it is reasonably good to use.I tried to migrate my server through virtualmin, you know what the source server was a cpanel backup, and the migration went smoothly and everything works just fine.

It is just very elegant now to use virtualmin and to embrace the free and freedom.